Safari Ostrich


Frequently Asked Questions

How many eggs do Ostriches lay?

Depending on the size of the female anywhere from 10 – 16 eggs.

Why are there sometimes more than 1 female at a nest?

Females can share a nest. Older females will be dominant around the nest and will also teach younger females how to look after the nest.

How old can Ostrich get?

Did you know the oldest recorded ostrich was 87 years old called Oupa.

How long have Ostriches been around for?

As long as 60 million years ago, Ostriches were said to be found as far as Mongolia

How fast can an ostrich run?


What do Ostriches eat in the wild?

Ostriches are herbivores and will eat whatever is available. They will eat their own eggshells for calcium and stones to help aid digestion.

Do Ostriches put the “Heads in the sand?”

No, Ostriches do not put their heads in the sand. They lay their neck and head on the floor when sitting on the nest to help camouflage their nests. This gives the impression that they put their heads in the sand. Ostriches also put their neck and head on the floor when they sleep.

Where are Ostrich products exported to?

Although products are exported worldwide, Ostrich meat is mostly exported to Europe. Ostrich skins are also exported to Mexico, USA, and Asia.

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