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Supporting our community school

The Zeekoegat Primary School has been open since 1938.

Zeekoegat School Project (Western Cape Charity) is a NPO – nonprofit organization. This means that all funds raised are spent on the children to provide for a better education, meals school uniforms and all the opportunities that children deserve.

With the Zeekoegat Primary School Project we strive to help in the development of the children in our community, but we cannot do this without the continued help of donations. Zeekoegat Primary School is located 1km from Safari Ostrich Farm.

Every single cent that gets donated goes 100% towards the children and all additional fees such as administration fees gets paid for by Safari Ostrich Show Farm. This ensures that our children get the maximum benefit from your donation.

With the help of you, our benefactors, we are able to achieve the following :

  • Additional Teachers : beyond the 3 allocated by the Department of Education
  • Feeding Scheme : We provide 91 children with 2 meals a day. No child can learn if hungry.
  • Educational Learning Materials : 3 Smart Boards provided to improve Literacy & Numeracy Skills
  • School Uniforms for Summer and Winter

Would you like to support our Community Project : Zeekoegat Primary School

Contact Information:
Safari Ostrich Show Farm cc
Alma De Villiers
Tel:  +27 (0)44 272 7311

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