Safari Ostrich

Indian Food @ Safari Restaurant

Over the past few years South Africa seen an increase in tourist from India. With the special dietary requirements for Indian food there were not a lot of options for Indian guests to eat in the Oudtshoorn area. With this in mind we at Safari Ostrich Farm were eager to learn more and also provide an option for Indian tourist to have a meal. With Indian chefs travelling with the groups visiting us, we pick-up the tastes and flavours of Indian food and the chefs were kind to share their cooking secrets with us.

With the help of the chefs and also with the grannies on the tours, and with a lot of reading about their culture we stated to prepare our own Indian food. This also happened with a lot of laughs, especially when we try to make our fist roti’s. With the rolling, in the hope to get our roti round as it shoot be, ours look like the continents of the world! But with our dedicated staff we even today prepare Jain food. Jain vegetarian diet is practiced by the followers of Jain culture and philosophy. It is one of the most strict forms of spiritually motivated diets on the Indian subcontinent.
The surprise on our guests faces when they learn that it is local ladies preparing their food, is to me priceless time after time. The Safari cooks have to called into the restaurant just for guests to say thank you to them for the buffet set out for them to enjoy.

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